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Detroit Comedy Night

at Wrigley Hall

February 17th, 2024
at 9:00 p.m.

Detroit comedy is coming to Port Huron with a stellar lineup of Legends!

Our main Headliner is Detroit Red, Red has been doing stand-up comedy for just under 30 years and mostly works within the Detroit City limits as the headliner. He works on The No BS News hour with Charlie Laduff.

Our opening headliner is Jucee, Jucee has been rocking microphones for over 15 years around Detroit. she brings the laughs and tells it like it is.

Our openers are Dolla Bill and Jeffrey Ford. Dolla Bill rocks mics all around Detroit with the funny. Jeffrey Ford has been doing comedy for 10 years, aside from Telling Jokes on stage Jeffrey is a published Chlidren’s Book author for the Steadman Squirrel series.